Surrendering to the tides of life

I lived in Thailand earlier this year to take a course from a very wise woman. She had lived and worked on tantra and understanding life from the inside for many decades and every day, we would gather on her living room floor as she would share her life and lessons with us. The key … Continue reading Surrendering to the tides of life

Death and Happiness

There are some memories we allow to flood in. Birthdays, graduation, the first time you met your partner, special memories with special friends. But there are others which we push outside the ‘metaphorical room’ we build up in our minds. Closing the door, we put a chair up under the the handle, locking out the unpleasant experiences with a firm left-turn whilst trying to continue peacefully through life. But like the unwanted room service merely doing its duty, those are the very memories which will just keep knocking. And you, the rightful key holder haven’t got round to doing your laundry yet.