Toxification: a must watch documentary

Many of us who grow up in the West have an idea of the Punjab being a slice of nature's paradise, with green farms and lush fields running for miles into the horizon. I went to a documentary screening of Toxification, made by award-winning filmmakers Rehmat Rayatt and Leva Kwestany which lifted a veil on the reality of a society riddled in debt, addiction and suicide.

Uncovered: Why the new Western-Indian generation is losing touch with spirituality

Ever wondered what on earth it all means? Why does grandma sing mantra at 5am? Why do I have a mandir in my house? Why does the house smell incessantly of incense? What's with all the god-goddess figures? Why do I have to eat 'fasting food' every other week? What do all these endless ceremonies mean? Yoga is just for hippies, right?