School Wellbeing

Yoga and mindfulness sessions for children and young adults in school provides positive mental and physical health education to improve confidence, focus and resilience. It is about enhancing self awareness through fun, engaging and creative exercises.

Yoga and mindfulness training has been proven to significantly reduce rates of stress, anxiety, depression. With national statistics showing a rise in these cases every year, it is now more important than ever to give students the tools they need to understand their inner journey and their reactions to world around them.

In these sessions, we can focus on yoga, mindfulness and emotional intelligence training to help support students in their academic, personal and social growth.

Each session can last between 45 mins – 1 hour. This builds a positive habit skill set which empowers students emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally in their everyday lives.

Some schools opt for a separate yoga and mindfulness class for different age groups.

We recommend groups of ages under 6, 7-13 and 14-18. The programme can run as part of the school day, lunchtimes or as an after school club.

The session is lead by Henika, a fully insured and qualified international yoga and meditation teacher who has worked with schools in London to develop wellbeing programmes.

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