My name is Henika, a British Indian who grew up in the humble countryside around London.

Through the 35 countries I have travelled, worked and lived in since then, a piece of those places, people and experiences have shaped my heart in a map of lessons from around the world.

From reaching into the deep hearts of Africa and heights of Indian spirituality to battling the bright lights of Beijing – and everything in between. I’ve juggled with different and contrasting identities, from desk worker to free loving beachside yogi. From a human rights researcher to a vintage burlesque showgirl. I crept from a law student mind to craving creative artistic expression.

I’ve tried a lot. Failed a lot. Learnt a lot – and travelled many places in between, catching flights around the world and inside the mind!

You can explore some of my offerings in person – from yoga and meditation programmes to women’s circles!

And here, I’d like to share with you some of those teachings. Because after all, we are just human, connected by our stories, experiencing Lessons Learnt Daily.

With love and life,



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