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What is a Women’s Circle and Why Do I Need One?

Women’s Circles totally changed my life. They gave me space to gain perspective. To embrace my potential and to identify and let go of the things which were holding me back. They let me be seen, heard and held in a safe space. They allowed for reflection in the relationship with myself and healing for my relationship with others!

The more I made time for the Circle each month, the more I saw big shifts start to happen in my life. I became confident in my decisions, my career took the track I had always wanted it to, issues I had in my relationships resolved and flourished. It seems that any lessons I learnt in the Circle trickled out into the rest of my world.

The Circle is a beautiful space for women to gather and journey inwards in a supportive and safe environment. As an ancient practice, it nourishes and heightens our natural pleasure and power potential which flows from The Circle into our work, love and life. Together we would share carefully crafted rituals, guided meditations, creative exercises and breathwork to open our hearts, awaken our sensuality and ignite our intuition.

So what happen’s in a Women’s Circle?


Whilst the sentiment of gathering will always be the core of the Circle, the rituals shared can vary according to the theme, the path of the woman facilitating the circle, the time of month and also the women who hear the calling to gather there with you. For this reason, the Circle and what it has to offer will differ every time with fresh and exciting perspectives.

Here are some of the rituals which can be explored in the Circle.

  • Guided Tantra meditations to connect to yourself & others more deeply
  • Kundalini breathwork to remove blockages & shift energy
  • Creative & artistic exercises to explore emotions & experiences
  • Sharing Circles
  • Journaling & reflection prompts
  • Sacred Dance & Movement celebrations
  • Intention Setting & Manifestation Exercises
  • Goddess Oracle Cards

When is a good time for a Women’s Circle?


Women’s Circles can take place anytime a woman is longing for connection, introspection and community. The Circle is often timed with nature and around the Lunar Calendar, when women have gathered for generations before and generations to come. To shine the light on what is happening under the surface, the place where our deepest desires live. Women’s Circles are a beautiful ceremonial gesture for natural women gatherings such as baby/bridal showers and birthdays.

Lessons Learnt Daily offers ONLINE circles on the lunar cycle of Full Moon and New Moon.

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If Women’s Circle’s have been happenning for generations, why haven’t I come across one before?

In ancient times, the women in tribes and villages who lived in close proximity to one another would synchronise in their menstrual cycle. Due to their natural life, this would often be in keeping with the lunar cycle.

They would all be bleeding around the same time and their hormonal changes through the month would be seen as a time to pause and reflect on the deep wisdom they receive from within their own bodies. They would gather together, to rest, to reflect and to share their experiences. To support one another, harmonise and listen to the wise sages and women around them.

With the rise of patriachy and the the association of such Circle’s with paganism and the black arts, many of these sacred ancient practices and rituals became silent at a risk of being ostricised or harmed from the dominant and upcoming religious practices which contended with their power. Women now are often competing against one another due to these societal structures and a loss of these unifying rituals.

Women have never forgotten however, the power there is in gathering, in sharing and supporting one another and there has been a resurgence in these practices over recent years. There is an innate intuition that tells us when this is missing in us. So in an age of disconnection and isolation, we are being called again to remember, these ancient practices which are coming back to offer women the connection and introspection they are looking for.

I am of the deep belief that the Circle finds its women at the right time. When she is ready to step into it. It will appear. These words will resonate with her. They will connect her to some ancient memory that tells her the Circle, the connection, the expression is the very thing she has been looking for. She will be called to be seen, heard and held. She will answer the call and step into her fullest potential.

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Every Full Moon & New Moon Each Month

This is your Monthly checkin, to come as you are. You will be guided to connect with your three natural power centres, the seat of intuition, creation and emotion. Through guided meditations, reflections and carefully crafted rituals which derive from the tantric path of love and self acceptance, you will share a beautiful evening being held in a Circle of incredible supportive women!

More information on Women’s Circles

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