The Magic Rule That Will Kickstart Living Your Life With Purpose

How many times have we put our true purpose, desires and talents on the back burner? How much pressure do we feel when we think of our younger selves, full of the hope to live a life of fulfilment?

This one trick will lift the veil on the mindset that’s been stopping you…

It’s simple: You need to remove the ‘I’ from all situations and start to think about ‘US’

This is the ‘I’ which creeps up in all of our excuses and beware because it is the eye of the ego. It seeks to overprotect us, to disempower us and to stop us from taking the shot that will change our lives.

  • “I’m not good enough”
  • “I might fail”
  • “I don’t know how”
  • “I can’t right now”
  • “I don’t have the time”

We need to stop this and start thinking about US.

Us as a collective. Us as a society. Us as humanity.

What will happen to the world if we don’t get to experience your great idea? Or if people don’t get to see your art? Or hear your music?What if the business you haven’t started yet could improve lives? Or your creativity could change someone’s day?

What if in sharing your talent you find a new Mozart? Or one of your idea’s spark alight and a new Einstein is born?

Think. If these great minds and people didn’t live out their purpose. Where would we be? Look outside the box. It’s not just you that isn’t executing your purpose.

It’s US.

“Start thinking unity over self. We’re in this together.” Ryan Holiday – The Obstacle is the Way.

This is the fuel you need to fire-start living your purpose. Shift from ‘I’ and the ego to opening your eyes and serving others with your gift, your ideas, your talents and your energy.

It is this very act of selflessness that will save us.

I often think of the ideas in the world that never came to be. All the cures for diseases, the beautiful melodies, the scientific breakthroughs, the words that were never read, the food that was never tasted and the art that was never made. All these incredible creations chained in the mind by this one impeding factor…


“If we want something we’ve never had, we’ve got to do something we’ve never done

So let’s shift our mindset. Let’s move away from the big load we carry on ourselves that keep us in the self-perpetuating habit of not doing, not living and not breathing with purpose.


‘Whatever you’re going through, whatever is holding you down or standing in your way, can be turned into a source of strength – by thinking of people other than yourself.’

There is always space for our inspiration.

For our ideas.

For our purpose.

If we just think of ‘US’.


This article was inspired by Ryan Holiday ‘The Obstacle is the Way’

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Photo credit: Samuel Zeller Unsplash