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Growing Gratitude

In a mindfulness class today, I discussed gratitude with a group of 16-19 year olds. We talked about how the more we start noting down the things we are grateful for, the more good things we start to notice happen to us.

Is it because more good things are actually happening? No. The truth is, these things are happenning to us all the time but we’re not always aware of them.

The sun kissing our back on the commute home, witnessing the interaction between a grandparent and child as we walk past them, hearing the laughter of a group of friends in the same restaurant.

Good-ness is subjective and it is all around, just waiting to be noticed. It can seem a bit fuzzy at first, just like with any practice but it becomes so clear after a while that the smallest moments have the power to bring us the greatest joy.

GRATITUDE is the way we can take simple moments and tune our station into truly living ‘in the good!’

So, what are you grateful for today?

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