Every traveller’s fear of returning home

Where next?

There was a time that before I’d even landed in one place, I already had an idea of where I wanted to go next. What I wanted to explore. What parts of the self or the unself I wanted to uncover.

Returning home after a long trip or many years in my case is always an anxious part of the journey for any traveller you meet.

You wonder if everything will be the same when you have grown to become so different? And worry about slipping into old habit patterns and mindsets that you worked so hard to shake in the discomfort of being away from everything you know.

This time feels so different. I feel like I have a part of all these places and people sitting deep inside my heart. Every day still feels like a travel into the unknown. Even in the comforts of home.

I’m now a firm believer that we can make a paradise of our existence. Wherever that is. There are miracles happening everywhere, all day around us. Whether halfway around the world or at home. Everyday has the potential to be exciting and beautiful.

If we take a moment to notice the beauty in our interactions, in our thoughts and in the sensation of the world around us.

It is all still that same journey! ✨

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