Book Review: Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder

I cannot quite explain in what depth this book provoked my mind and planted seeds to water and see the world in another way.

Jostein takes on the gigantic task of explaining the history of philosophy from mythology to science and everything in-between. And he does it well. It is incredible. 

Explaining such worldly concepts in a series of letters delivered to 14 year old Sophie in the lead up to her birthday, makes it both easy to digest and relatable. 

The narrative and the switch between what is real and not kept me intrigued alongside the philosophy lessons themselves. I turned each page waiting, eagerly for the next lesson to begin.

It helped me to not only understand periods of philosophy and their development from one to another, but also to form my own opinions of them. 

I find there is almost too much to conclude without repeating the book itself. But I deliver this to you, that it is my most favourite and grippingly read book to date. 


If this interests you, I invite you to my response to Chapter 31 on ‘Darwin and Freud’: ‘Death and Happiness’ or to start your own philosophy lessons by buying the book here.

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