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5 things you learn living in China

I've spent 2 years living in this magical eastern orient and it's had its fair share of lessons. Here’s 5 to wet your appetite

It’s my Chinaversary!

I’ve spent 2 years living in this magical eastern orient and it’s had its fair share of lessons.

Here’s 5 to wet your appetite:

  1. It’s ok to not understand and be understood.
    Human energy, emotion and gestures speaks their own language and the kindness in human nature that I’ve experienced living in China from complete strangers have surprised and humbled me in unspeakable ways.
  2. Appreciate every single breath.
    Not just in a corny, ‘it might be your last’ way. But because clean air is something we take for granted in the West. Skies without pollution here MAKE MY DAY and make you appreciate every clean inhale you get on the way.
  3. You grow exponentially outside of your comfort zone.
    Constantly being put in a position of problem solving expands this capability like resistance in a muscle. Imagine trying to solve a puzzle every single day, simple things – like reading, communicating, functioning. Suddenly you wake up half way across the world and you’re illiterate. What a game!
  4. Change happens fast.
    Especially in China. You’ll have your favourite restaurant, bar, place one day and the very next day it will be bricked over and gone without so much as a warning. Detachment is to be practiced here continually.
  5. You only get a short time with the people you meet.
    In the nature of a big city, people are always coming and going. You make deep, intimate relationships. Share your most free and most vulnerable moments. Your challenges and sorrows. Then time passes, as it always does, and either you or they leave. You smile for the memories made together and build yourself up again! Having learnt from that person and the time you’ve shared, loved and left together – all in the blink of an eye.

If you have any experiences, lessons or questions about living in China, leave a comment or share your story below!


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