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30 Days Different

30 days ago this same world was entirely different, I had to think deeply, trust my instincts and make changes. Here's what happened...

In the last month, I’ve found a really exciting place! It’s one where I get to do what I love every single day and it’s a stark contrast to the 9-5 which I tried for 2 years and left exactly a month ago. 

Today, you’ll still find me running from businesses and homes, studios and offices but for a very different reason! Hand and arm wrapped with my yoga mat, heart wrapped in love. Teaching tailor made yoga programmes and private classes. A very different place to just 30 days ago where I knew deep down, sitting inside at a computer desk during full daylight wasn’t right or natural to me. I couldn’t count down a single minute more of the 8 hour work clock to freedom. Something had to change.

It wasn’t easy, it took months. I had to reach deep down inside my mind, identify patterns of behaviour, thoughts, emotions and outcomes which were repeating in my life. I had to listen to my heart instead of my mind. My inituition rather than my intelligence. I had just received a ‘dream job’ offer to work and travel the world. It was one of the most difficult decisions I’ve made. I declined.

I rang my parents and had a serious conversation about this, not because they ever told me an office job was the right thing to do. But because society did. And I listened. I studied law instead of arts. I went to school to memorise information rather than learn from life. I practiced evaluation rather than expression. I had the realest conversation I’ve ever had with the two human beings who raised me, sitting in this very park. And the honesty, was liberating. Received with such beauty, love and grace. The way any parent who cared for their child’s happiness would.

It was scary to let go of the safety, the structure, the salary. All the excuses we find to spend that hard earned pay cheque on the material things that we don’t really need. The drinks that would make us forget our boredom. The distractions from the dreams wasted waiting for the right opportunity. The things that empty our pockets but don’t fill our hearts.

Since then, I’ve been able to focus on what it is that really strikes and drives me. Expression. Creativity. Movement. Healing and it’s relation to Mental Health – a cause close to my heart. One that I can wake up fighting for every single day. I’ve read and learnt more in the last few months than I ever did in 4 years of university.

It’s this sacred space which I wanted to share with you. It’s exciting, beautiful and soulful. It’s scary. It gives me a warm feeling inside. It feels right. And it came from a deep realisation of experiencing the exact opposite.

The reality is we never know where our path is going, even in the safe confines of structure. Inner peace and satisfaction are worth the risks. Life is short. And it changes moment to moment. Reality is the direct manifestation of our thoughts, intentions and actions.

30 days and this same world is entirely different.

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  1. A journey you’ve chose to concour as you say it’s hart you’ve to listen to and as Always BELIViNG in you as we nearish you with our soul without any apexes-on only wishing is you prosperous on a right path you’ve chosen to live and believing your desires to be pleasing you always…
    Loved ones and loved always dearly you
    PA 😘 X

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